This story map will take you through my journey to becoming a software engineer. Coming from the nonprofit industry and experience in grassroots movements, I am excited to work on technology with a purpose.

...Your team!

If my 7+ years of software engineering experience and passion for mission-driven work make me a good fit for your team, let's talk!


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JavaScript (Node, Express, React, Next), TypeScript, Python, SQL, Postgres, AWS (Cloudformation, Lambda, Step Functions, ECS, etc), HTML, CSS, Git

The Washington Post

Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Bank Information Center

Information Services Coordinator

Hackbright Academy

Software Engineering Fellow

Georgetown University

BSFS, Science, Technology and International Affairs

Relevant courses:

Volunteer Work

Techtonica: Mentor for women & non-binary adults learning to code (2016-present).

BayGeo: Board member of professional organization for Bay Area geospatial community (2016-2022).

Anti-eviction Mapping Project: Mapping relocation with d3.js, cleaning and geocoding data with Python, finding data sources (2016).

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